29 November 2009

Last week!

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Here are some photos from last week's oral presentations. Hope you like them!

G'day all
I can't believe that this is the last official post for the semester! Where has the time gone? I do hope you have enjoyed yourself in this class as well as improving your English! At least you can continue your blogs or follow mine in 2010. If you want me to know that you are blogging in 2010, just send me an email or leave a comment on my post and I'll see it!

Now to finish up, I'd like you to try and create a Photostory today. It's really easy to do and the instructions are very clear. You can ask me to give you some photos from either Featherdale or Sculpture by the Sea if you don't have any with you!

To begin, go to the startup menu on the computer and open Photostory. Follow the prompts from there!

Have fun! Happy blogging and all the best for whatever you do in 2010! Thanks for a great semester's work! I'll miss you! x

23 November 2009

Week 11

G'day all

I hope you all survived the weekend and the heat! Wasn't it hot yesterday? I was travelling back from Orange (4 hours away in the west) and I kept watching the temperature climb up from 33 degrees in Orange to 43 near Penrith and then settling at 41 degrees by the time we got home! The cool change did take such a long time to get here didn't it? I had a restless night as I'm sure you did too!

Now moving on....last week we heard some great presentations and learnt a few things about the city we live it. Well done all of you! The recording we did with Rosa's class on Tuesday was great too and it's on Rosa's blog so have a listen to yourselves! Tell me what you think!

Today, we've put some questions for you to answer about a Migrant story which was on 702 ABC radio last week. This is on Rosa's blog too as are the instructions for other activities. When you finish this I'd like you to try creating a Photostory. Ask me how!

Have a good week and happy blogging!

15 November 2009

Week 10

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G'day all

I hope you're weekend wasn't too traumatic as you had to prepare for your oral presentation tomorrow! By now you should have all the body, introduction and conclusion worked out and practised! If you had a problem wit Powerpoint then you can take some time today to finish that part of the presentation.

If you don't need to do that you can work on the Sculpture By the Sea work. It was a lovely excursion, wasn't it? Rosa and I had a great time and I hope you did too! Rosa has put some photos and a little movie on her blog. Have look at it and also the tasks she's set her class and you too!

I hope you put your photos in your post too! i look forward to seeing them! My battery went flat before the end so I couldn't get shots of everything! I'll have to get Rosa to send me some!

Good luck tomorrow! If you've done your preparation then you should have no worries!

Take care and happy blogging!

08 November 2009

Week 9

G'day all

I hope you all had a good weekend. By now you should have all the information for your oral presentation next week. If you haven't then I suggest you use today's class to get it all together. You can have time today too to start getting your powerpoint presentation together.

Have a look at this Powerpoint Tutorial (or any other one you prefer) to help you with some of the features of the program if you're unsure.

If you don't need to work on your presentation in class, have a look at Rosa's post and answer the questions about Andrew's sculptor friend and his work. Have a look at the city rail link too and work out which train you'll be on tomorrow if you're coming on the excursion.

When that's done, you can finish your recount and report and publish the corrected copy.

Remember, you can email me your work as a word document and I'll be happy to correct it before publishing.

Let's hope the weather is good tomorrow for our excursion to Sculpture By the Sea! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Happy blogging!

01 November 2009

Week 8

AMEP-A Semester 2 2008 on arrival at Bondi for Sculpture by the Sea!

G'day all!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. It was lovely to be able to get out and do a few things, wasn't it?

By now you should all have the topics for your Oral Presentation due the 17th November. if you don't then please see me as soon as possible.

Last week you were introduced to some new technology in the classroom. On Tuesday, you did some work on the smartboard with Rosa's class. I believe you worked on opinion texts and prepared the structure on a grid. Then on Wednesday we had a video conference with the librarian Maya. Wasn't that interesting? It is the way many companies do business these days instead of flying executives around the country or around the world! You were very good at asking questions but I hope you all have your notes to write up your text in your blog.

As you know from class last Thursday, we've got another excursion coming up next week. It is very different to Featherdale but equally educational and fun too. have a look at Rosa's blog for some information and also some classwork about Sculpture by the Sea and other things.

All that should keep you busy for a while! When you finish you can start/continue the research for your Oral presentation.

In the next day or two, I'll give you a list of all work you need to complete to satisfy this part of your course.
Take care and happy blogging!